On 15 Jan 2020, at 9:44pm, Justin Gielski <justin.giel...@gmail.com> wrote:

> *"database is locked release restore point sqlite"*

If there's nothing in your code that caused that to happen, then I would 
suspect a transient hardware glitch.  Does your code use SAVEPOINTs ?

> The database locking mode is set to NORMAL but the database is always
> opened exclusively. Could this been a concurrency issue in which 2
> connections hit the database at the exact same time?

SQLite is not meant to allow that, with the existance of the 
journal/shared-memory files acting as a mutex.  If it actually did happen, and 
you're not violating anything in the following document, then either you found 
a bug in SQLite, or you had hardware problems.

>  No data loss was
> reported yet.

If you haven't already run "PRAGMA integrity_check" on a copy of the database 
file, do so.  And tell us whether it reports corruption.
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