> Looks like there should be one argument after the "matchinfo" for each > column in the table. So:

>  SELECT rank(matchinfo(event_search_test), 1.0, 1.0) AS rank,
> room_id...

Yes, I realised that nVal is the number of arguments passed to the function, so according to nVal!=(1+nCol) I have to pass as many argument after matchinfo() as the number of columns.

This means that the documention is at least misleading, and also I was not able to make it work anyway

I'm using the example from the docs:

sqlite> CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE documents USING fts4(title, content);
sqlite> INSERT INTO documents VALUES ('title', 'content');
sqlite> SELECT quote(matchinfo(documents)) FROM documents WHERE title MATCH 'title';
sqlite> SELECT rank(matchinfo(documents), 1.0, 1.0) FROM documents WHERE title MATCH 'title';
Error: wrong number of arguments to function rank()

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