Christian Smith wrote:
John Stanton uttered:

If you use an extension greater than 3 chars you violate rules for some existing file systems and reduce portability. You can also make it difficult to parse the extension when it is used to type the file.

An extension of arbitray length should be just as easy to parse as an extension up to 3 characters. "Upto" implies that the extension can also be 0, 1 or 2 characters long, so the parsing code should be sufficiently flexible to handle 0..3 characters, and by extenstion 0..n characters is not much more difficult (where n is the length of the filename).

With VFAT, there is no filesystem in common use that can't handle extenstions >3 characters long.


My concern is being backward compatible with legacy systems or compatible with special purpose realtime OS's. An application is either portable or not, being a "little bit portable" is like being "a little bit pregnant".

When in doubt use the Least Common Denominator.

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