It's controlled at runtime by the function

int sqlite3_enable_shared_cache(int);

Thus that behaviour is probably controlled by Firefox (assuming it uses a 
version of sqlite with cache support compiled in).  You'd have to ask them.

Jay Sprenkle wrote:
Good evening,

I'd like to make a request for the next version of sqlite.
It's a big change and will probably get shot down, but you won't know
until you ask.

Firefox is now using sqlite. They use shared-cache mode because they want it
to work over networked drives and they don't want to pay for the
latency involved.
I personally wouldn't have made this choice since it trades away
something I think
that could be useful to a large number of people to support something
that I believe
almost nobody will use. It's not my decision though. If shared-cache mode was
something that could be turned off at run time it would allow everyone
to get what
they want. I believe this would be a complete refactoring of the code though.

Thanks for your time Dr. Hipp, and for sharing Sqlite with all of us!


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