I think if it would have been unsigned we could have got more range, as anyways 
negative numbers doesn't make sense as PK's, of course reaching the 2^63-1 is 
remote (or probably impossible)


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> "create table Test(id integer primary key,player char);"
> "insert into Test(id,player) values(2,'surya');"
> "insert into Test(id,player) values(9223372036854775807,'sree');"
> "insert into Test(id,player) values(9223372036854775808,'sree1');"
> "select * from Test;"
> The result is
> -9223372036854775808    sree1
> 2                                    surya
> 9223372036854775807    sree
> I tried inserting 2 power 63 value but the database has converted it
> to -2 power 63 and stored.
> Can anyone explain why this has happened.

SQLite stores ROWIDs as signed 64-bit integers. Such an integer can 
represent 2^64 distinct values, in the range [-2^63, 2^63-1]. 2^63 is 
not representable, it wraps around to -2^63.

Igor Tandetnik 

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