RaghavendraK 70574
Best match is "9854002656" among the 2 records.

Pls try this simple one.It will make it clear,

create table test(t text);

insert into test values ('9');
insert into test values('98');
insert into test values('983');
insert into test values('9854');

select * from test where '982' like t || '%' order by t desc limit 1;

above sql tries to model a DST(digit search tree).
Expected output: 98

This works but will not work for earlier data(9854002656).So seems to
be bug.

The expression ('982' like '98%') evaluates to true. The expression ('982' like '9854002656%') evaluates to false. LIKE operator behaves correctly in both cases. There is no bug, just a case of unrealistic expectations and/or wishful thinking on your part.

It's not clear what your definition of a "best match" is, but it's obvious that the test you put into the SELECT statement is not it. Computers have this nasty annoying habit of doing what you tell them to do, not what you want them to do. If you describe the metric you want to use to determine the "best" match, perhaps someone would help you design a statement that would implement it.

Igor Tandetnik

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