Hi guys,

We have been looking for books which cover the DB synchronisation subject.
We have started creating a plugin to our socket server but we quickly
realised how much of a challenge it would be (We are creating it "from
scratch"). The conflict problems, the order to tables (rows) be synchronised
(Child - Parent) and how to delete rows were some of the problems we found.
The main goal is to synchronise devices in the field (Compact framework) to
the server using less bandwich as possible.
We are trying to be "agnostic" about the DB in both Server and Client side.

We are pretty sure there are books out there which cover this subject, we
just couldn't find them! :confused:

We know this will be a challenge but we also know it will be a great feature
to add to the server.

Does anyone could point us out to any book?


Jean Baro
Dynamic Devices Ltd
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