Hi All,
first i give an example of what i am doing:
i have taken few data types as:
float logx= x - 2000.0;
loat logx1= x + 2000.0
float logy= y- 3000.0;
float logy1= y + 3000.0;
where x and y are define statements which are 2000.0 and 4000.0
i have an column of x_add  and y_add in my database. i want to print some
values on the basis of compairing of logx and logy with x_add
and y_add like logx<x_add<logx1 and logy<y_add<logy1. i want to enter this
comparison in sqlite3_exec() statement but i tried many times but didn't get
desired results.
this time i m trying lke this:

sqlite3_exec(database,"select name, phone, logo from databaseentry where
(x_add > 0.0) and (x_add<3000.0) which is working fine and giving me results
in between these limits.

but how can i pass upper comparison in sqlite3_exec() statement.

waiting for reply


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