Hello everybody,

I have a problem inserting elements into a data base (from process1 accessing the data base) after creating an INDEX on a table (from another process accessing the data base).

I have the following setup:
- I have two processes accessing a single sqlite data base. process1 accesses the data base via the C++ interface, process2 accesses it via the tcl interface of sqlite. - process1 creates the data base, creates a single table in the data base and fills this table with life. This is done via INSERT commands. - process2 displays the data comprised in the data base. process2 can read the data from the data base without problems but after creating an INDEX process1 is not able to do an INSERT to the table in the data base any more.

The error I get is the following:
"SQLITE_ERROR : SQL logic error or missing database"

The index I created is an index on a single row of the table in the data base.

Has anyone a clue what I'm doing wrong. Any feedback is welcome.

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