After being out of the office for a bit, I came back and thought "My
to-do list is too long."  So instead of working on the hardest bit, I
decided to see how many pieces of low-hanging fruit I could knock

So today I'm getting rid of all these to-do items around fts1/2 rowid
breakage and fts3 rowid fixage.  The changes are:

 - fts1.c will now refuse to build.  If you still want to build it,
   define SQLITE_ENABLE_BROKEN_FTS1.  This was done to make certain
   that nobody is unintentially using it.
 - Likewise with fts2.c.
 - fts3 should work exactly the same as fts2 or fts1, with the
   following changes:
   - the table-named column is now marked HIDDEN.  This means that you
     can now do 'SELECT * FROM t' or 'INSERT INTO t VALUES (...)'
     against an fts3 table, rather than always being required to
     enumerate things.
   - I've added a new implicit column, docid, which is an alias of the
     fts3 table's rowid.  This is meant to mimic how rowid works when
     you explicitely alias it.  I would like to encourage using docid
     rather than rowid, to reduce the chance for future confusion
     around these issues.  docid is also marked HIDDEN, but should be
     usable exactly as rowid.

Building fts3 should be exactly the same as building fts2, except with
the different pathnames.  I'm going to try to get some traction on
refactoring the wiki pages this afternoon.

Thanks for your patience,

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