"Liam Healy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I tried to use sqlite3_open_v2 and SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY as described in
> http://sqlite.org/capi3ref.html#sqlite3_open, but the symbol
> SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY is unknown, even though I have included
> sqlite3.h.  I am using version 3.4.2.  Was this symbol not added until
> a later version, or am I supposed to use the definition given on the
> web page?

Sqlite3_open_v2() and SQLITE_OPEN_READONLY and a whole bunch
of other stuff is all new to 3.5.0.  Version 3.5.0 is stable.
It has lots of cool stuff.  Older versions are not supported
(except for paying customers) - by which we mean that if any
bugs are discovered they will be fixed in 3.5.0 only, not
in branches.  You (and a lot of other people) really need
to upgrade.
D. Richard Hipp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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