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> Subject: [sqlite] how to get file handle from sqlite3 object?
> i'm wondering if there's a "standard" way to get an open file 
> handle from an
> sqlite3 pointer using the C API.  anyone know?

There's no public way to get this, nor should there be.  The internal
implementation of the database should be kept separate from the logical API
to access it.  Such a function would muddy the water between implementation
and interface and hamper the ability to change the implementation without
changing the interface.

Not all filesystems would be able to return one, nor could it guarantee that
the database is in fit state for someone to fiddle with its internal handle.
Furthermore, it could not be guaranteed that once a caller obtained the
handle that the caller might then do something damaging to it or alter its

Such a function definitely falls into the BAD IDEA category, IMO.


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