I have recently started experimenting with SQLite, and stuffed all of my digital images into a 40GB database. The schema is basically just an indexed name field and a BLOB for the image data.

I was trying to run a query to find a particular batch of photos, for example:

SELECT name from images WHERE name LIKE 'seattle%';

For some reason this just hangs forever and I end up having to CTRL- C. I haven't gotten as far as actually peeking into what it's trying to do.

If I change the query to

SELECT name from images WHERE name GLOB 'seattle*';

I get the expected results instantly.

As near as I can tell from the documentation, the only difference between LIKE and GLOB is the wildcard character and that LIKE is case- insensitive (unless configuration overrides that). Is there some detail about the behavior of LIKE that I have missed?

This is version 3.4.2 (yeah I need to update, Fink makes me lazy) on Mac OSX.

Thanks in advance,


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