> Ken <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Can you do a test load to a memory database. What is the performance 
> (row/sec) of your data using an in memory database? 

I tried a RAMDisk on Windows.  I haven't tried at home on Linux.
I'm not sure if I tried the C API to RAMDisk database combination, only
the Tcl API to RAMDisk database combination.  Maybe Tcl was the
bottleneck here.

>   Is that a burst rate or a sustained data rate?  You need to achieve 
> about 70k rows per second to be able to maintain 66k rps. 

Well, at the moment it is mostly only bursts of data, but I have no control
over the possibility that it will become even faster, or continuous, so I want
need to push the envelope.

>   Maximum TPS is 60 on a 7200 rpm drive. A 15000 RPM drive should get 
> about 120, which is double the TPS. So maybe a faster drive would be 
> helpful.

Quite possible.  At the moment I'm not sure what HD is installed on the 
vehicle where the data is produced, but it can always be improved upon
by throwing $$ at it ;-)


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