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>Is there any way to estimate the size of the metadata of a SQLite database?
>I am trying to do the following:
>1) Set the DB size using MAX_PAGE_COUNT and PAGE_SIZE parameters
>2) I want to do a bulk insert.
>3) However, I want to insert only those many records such that the insert
>4) I also want to keep a 30% buffer for the data. I would like to start new
>DB instances when that threshold is reached.
>To do step 3 successfully, I have to estimate the size of the meta-data.
>Assuming that there is no more data model changes, is there a algorithm or
>heuristic to determine the amount of meta data present in the database?
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The metadata is mostly in the fileheader and the sqlite_master
table. If your schema is more or less static, a run with
sqlite3_analyzer will tell you all you need to know.

Runs of sqlite3_analyzer on a few sample databases could tell
you something about the overhead for your specific data and
filling pattern.

A more reliable approach is to COMMIT your INSERTs frequently
and measure the size of the database file.

  (  Kees Nuyt

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