SQLite version 3.5.5 is now available for download from the
SQLite website:


The big change from version 3.5.4 is that the internal virtual
machine was reworked to use operands in registers rather than
pulling operands from a stack.  The virtual machine stack has
now been removed.  The removal of the VM stack will help prevent
future stack overflow bugs and will also facilitate new optimizations
in future releases.

There should be no user-visible changes to the operation of SQLite
in this release, except that the output of EXPLAIN looks different.

In order to make this change, about 8.5% of the core SQLite code
had to be reworked.  We thought this might introduce instability.
But we have done two weeks of intensive testing, during which time
we have increased the statement test coverage to 99% and during
which we have found and fixed lots of minor bugs (mostly things
like leaking memory following a malloc failure).  But for all of
that testing, we have not detected a single bug in the new 
register-based VM.  And for that reason, we believe the new
VM, and hence version 3.5.5, is stable and ready for production

As usual, please report any problems to this mailing list, or
directly to me.

D. Richard Hipp <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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