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>? ????????? ?? Tuesday 26 August 2008 18:59:55 Igor Tandetnik ???????(?):
>> > I don't know method to set triggers on begin and commit transaction
>> > events.
>> You could log begin/end transaction (along with any other statements) by
>> installing sqlite3_trace hook.
>> Another approach would be to use sqlite3_commit_hook,
>> sqlite3_rollback_hook, sqlite3_get_autocommit. Call
>> sqlite3_get_autocommit from inside your custom function to see whether
>> the statement is part of an explicit transaction. sqlite3_commit_hook
>> and sqlite3_rollback_hook tell you when a transaction ends. The first
>> query that's part of an explicit transaction after a previous
>> transaction (if any) has ended, starts a new one.
>> By the way, see sqlite3_update_hook. Perhaps you could use that in lieu
>> of your triggers.
>Thanks, it's better way for my task. But is it safe to logging uncommited 

Logging uncommitted changes is fine as long as 
- you also log commits
- only replay / evaluate complete transactions, 
  complete being defined as "having a commit on the logfile"

Logging rollbacks strictly isn't necessary, because rolled
back transactions have to be identified by the missing
commit logrecord, not by the presence of a rollback
logrecord. Reason: In case of crashes you won't be able to
log rollbacks, anyway, whereas SQLite will rollback using
the journal the first time a new connection is made.

>Best regards, Alexey.
  (  Kees Nuyt
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