Derrell Lipman wrote:
> I think this is the page you're looking for:
> In particular, a query that returns the current time in the local (to
> sqlite) time zone is:
>    SELECT datetime('now', 'localtime');
> or for just the date:
>    SELECT date('now', 'localtime');

Well, okay. That's one of the articles I did see. Right now, I'm having two

1. I'm not sure how to use those functions. You've gave me some examples,
which I appreciate. But your examples don't work with columns. Perhaps the
first argument needs to be my column name?

2. I'm currently using a default value of CURRENT_DATE in several tables. At
this stage, it would be a lot less work if I could continue to not explictly
specify the initial value for these columns. Can anyone confirm that this is
simply not possible to do this with the local time? (I want the value
actually stored in the database to be local time, and not to simply convert
the UTC value every time it is used.)


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