It's been reproduced on Vista x64 and x86 OS's.  I don't have a pre-SP1
installation to verify if it happens against pre-patched versions.

Getting a database should be easy enough ...

CREATE TABLE FOO(a, b, c, d, e, f);

Then do this about 16 million times or so ... whatever it takes to pump the
db up to the 4-5gb mark:

INSERT INTO FOO VALUES(random(), random(), random(), randomblob(16),
randomblob(16), randomblob(32));

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> I ran some tests using the command-line sqlite3.exe, and observed that
> Windows Vista (SP1) is actually trying to cache the entire 5gb file
> into
> memory during the table scan!  The system slows to a complete crawl and
> becomes unresponsive.  The sqlite3.exe's memory remains very minimal,
> but
> Vista itself eats every last scrap of physical memory, forcing all
> other
> apps to the paging file trying to cache the contents of the database.

[Sherief N. Farouk] 

Any chance you could make a small C program to reproduce this case (via
procedurally creating a similarly-sized database)? Out of curiosity, was
that on x86 or x64?

- Sherief

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