Maybe RTOS kernel does not implement Wide-Char functions... 

Windows VFS must guard them with a SQLITE_WINDOWS_NO_UNICODE 
macro or something like that at compile time, but you should
do it yourself... then you can contribute it back to SQLite.

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I wondered whether anyone is using SQLite3 on the On-Time RTOS platform,
and if so, if there are any patches or tips to help others along?

We've been giving the SQLite 3.6.10 amalgamation source code for Windows
a try against RTOS 5.14 and it compiled out of the box. However, we ran
into some linker and run-time errors. After a fair amount of
experimenting, we got it up and running, but only towards an in-memory
database. We still have problems opening existing or creating database

I'll outline what we ran into and what we've tried so far.

The linker errors were primarily towards wide char APIs that didn't
exist on RTOS. Most of these could easily be ifdef'd away. There was
alternate Win95/98/ME code we could trigger if we changed "isNT" to 0,
which helped a bit. Some, like AreFileApisANSI we just defined to 1.

We then ran into a crasher caused by convertUtf8Filename returning NULL,
so we changed that to use a fallback. Just strdup-ing the input string
if the conversion failed. Debugging this took a little while, because
using the amalgamation source meant that the RTOS compiler crossed a 64k
symbols limit, meaning breakpoints and backtraces broke badly.

Finally we had something that linked and ran, but only towards in-memory
database. When we tried to open an existing database (or create a new
one) using the sqlite3_open_v2 API, it kept returning SQLITE_NOMEM(7).
When I tried debugging this, I got as far as the sqlite3BtreeFactory
call, but because of the breakpointing problems I didn't get much

So, my questions then are:
* Is anyone using or have used SQLite3 on RTOS?
* Are the older Win95/98/ME code paths still actively used, tested and
found to be working? (Or should I expect a few inches of legacy dust and
bugs in them?)
* Is there a good way to get more debug information? (SQLITE_DEBUG seems
more targetted at debugging SQL statements.)
* Am I barking up any of the wrong trees?

Hope someone out there has some ideas or pointers to help me get
motivated enough to give another stab at it. :)

===== Additional information =====

=== Linker errors ===

Example linker error:
"Error: DLL dependency in CDP.EXE: KERNEL32.dll.DeleteFileW"

These APIs also gave linker errors:
- LockFileEx 
- GetTempPathW 
- GetFullPathNameW 
- GetDiskFreeSpaceW 
- AreFileApisANSI 

=== References ===

* On-Time RTOS -


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