I've had a problem before where I received an 'Invalid Use of Null' error
when I'm quering a DateTime field from vb6. Olaf send me a link to another
class, and when I used that I could query the data, but I still have a
problem if I want to link to the data from MS Access or Cold Fusion.

If I do a normal select on the field in SQLite2008 I get the following:
Select Date_Stamp
from in_wt;
2009-03-23 13:27:38
2009-03-23 13:43:20 etc

If I export this resultset from SQLite2008 to a csv file it exports the data
with / instead of -. I don't know how it is actually stored in the db.
"2009/03/23 01:27:38 PM"
"2009/03/23 01:43:20 PM"

If I query the data as datetime it shows me incorrect dates:
Select datetime(Date_Stamp)
   from in_wt;
   -4603-02-16 01:27:38  -4603-02-16 01:43:20

And lastly if convert it to a float it gives the following:
Select cast(Date_Stamp as float)
   from in_wt;
   39895.56086  39895.57176

If I use the cast as float in vb it doesn't give an error, but I don't know
how to convert the 39895 to a correct date format. Can anyone please explain
to me what is going on here.

Thank you
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