Close should wait for all file operations complete to meet that needs.
I think asynchronous VFS should take care of waiting in sqlite3_close()

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It's great to hear about performance improvements and especially about
asynchronous I/O extension. Thank you very much for your work!

I have one question though: taking quick look at the sources of async
vfs I've noticed that even closing the file is just a task in the
async queue and thus after closing sqlite connection file remains
opened for some time. It sounds pretty reasonable, but here stands the
question: what if I want to do something with the database file after
I close sqlite connection to it (e.g. move to the archive directory,
zip it etc.)? With sync vfs I could be sure that after closing
connection file is closed and I can do with it whatever I want. Is
there a way to catch the moment of actual file closing with async vfs?

And another question just to be sure that I understand it correctly:
async vfs holds only one queue for all opened database files, right?


On Wed, May 6, 2009 at 10:36 PM, D. Richard Hipp <> wrote:
> SQLite version 3.6.14 is now available on the SQLite website
> Version 3.6.14 contains performance enhances in the btree and pager
> subsystems.  In addition, the query optimizer now knows how to take
> advantage of OR and IN operators on columns of a virtual table.
> A new optional extension is included that implements an asynchronous I/
> O backend for SQLite on either windows or unix.  The asynchronous I/O
> backend processes all writes using a background thread.  This gives
> the appearance of faster response time at the cost of durability and
> additional memory usage.  See for
> additional information.
> This release also includes many small bug fixes and documentation
> improvements.
> As always, please let me know if you encounter any difficulties.
> D. Richard Hipp
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