Question 1 is a very good question, why pay for a partial copy if you can
use the full version for free?

Also, what is the sense of using SQLite database without SQL support? (this
remember Clipper/dBase GOTO LOCATE APPEND...)

I can't get the point... if you can't use a native SQLite in your platform,
why do not use another pure-java DB?

Just my 2 cents...

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Alexander Kitaev-3 wrote:
> We're glad to announce that SQLJet 1.0.0 has been released and available
> for download at web site.


Several questions:
1. Are there any real reasons for having dual-licensed commercial partial
reimplementation of SQLite in Java? Any examples?
2. When do you expecting to have SQL API?
3. Are you targeting for having 100% SQLite unit-tests passes?
4. Have you ever thought about collaborating with and contributing to since it's easier to port C#->Java
than C->Java?
5. Any benchmarks comparing to native?



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Max Kosenko.
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