Now I have got a half ported version of Sqlite up and running on MQX I cant
put off any longer the question of file locking and how I tackle that ? For
the moment i had made the xLock() and xUnlock() the same as in osWin.c
version but with the Windows lock() and unlock() function calls commented

The problem I have is that MQX's file system is just ANSI C, and it lacks
any lock/unlock functions.

As Sqlite has been ported to so many diverse operating systems I am hoping
that this question of what to do for an ANSI only File system has already
been hit and a workaround defined ?

I am pretty hazy on this topic of file locking so I would appreciate some
basic discussion and guidance. It might help if I explain my application a
little. It is an embedded system where we are just running one application,
but it is multithreaded. For my initial porting work I have made
SQLITE_THREADSAFE = 0 (so I probably dont even need a file lock in the
configuration I have at present ?)
However I would of course like to make SQLITE_THREADSAFE = 1 so that
multiple tasks can safely access a database.

Thanks for any guidance

Regards Geoff

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