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> On Sun, Mar 14, 2010 at 5:18 PM, Jay A. Kreibich <j...@kreibi.ch> wrote:

> > ?While I have not tested this, I was under the impression that the
> > ?journal file is very very small, as no modifications are made to the
> > ?database, other than the final low-level copy (which is not a
> > ?journaled operation).

> AFAICT, the operation to copy the pages back _is_ journaled, and the
> journal will get any pages which are overwritten in the front of the
> main database.

  Taking a closer look at the comments in the code, I believe you are
  correct.  That makes sense anyways, as there is still a need to be
  able to back-out.
  There are some comments in the code about how turning journaling
  off is slower than leaving it on, but I see now that those comments
  are for the temp database, not the original file.


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