>We currently use sqlite 3.6.23. We have a big problem with characters with
>accents or other special characters in path to database file, for 
>example in
>Czech Windows XP the "Application Data" folder is translated to "Data
>aplikací" so if the accented 'í' is in path the sqlite3.exe writes that it
>is unable to open file in this path.

A much better solution is to use a MSYS terminal (installed by MinGW), 
so you have UTF-8 command-line and data entry/display without 
conversion.  No need to "patch" anything.

The culprit here isn't the command-line utility, but the WinDOS usage 
of old charset.

>In attachment you will find diff patch which works for us. But because
>SQLite3 source code is really big we can't be sure that this fix is 
>and doesn't introduce any side effects.

If you change input encoding and use your code page, then it's likely 
you'll going to do the same with data, which is plain wrong: SQLite 
needs UTF-8 (or UTF-16) data, not ANSI.

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