I have recently upgraded an old system that managed its data in a
dynamically allocated linked list to use SQLite instead. I have been
extremely pleased with SQLite. Most operations have been greatly
simplified and I am much more confident in the stability of the system
and the integrity of the data.
The system is made up of several independent programs which communicate
by sending messages to the other programs. Only one program opens the
SQLite database and the other programs request data by sending a message
to this program.
During normal operation I have no problems. However, while the program
is running there are times I would like to use the command line SQLite
tool to query or update the database. Since I planned to have only one
program access the database I did not handle the database is locked
condition in my program. During testing my program encountered the
database is locked condition when I was using the SQLite command line
tool while the program was running. I have avoided using the command
line tool on the live system.
Is there any way to ensure that the SQLite command line tool does not
interfere with the operation of my program? I don't care how long it
takes the command line tool to perform its queries as long as it doesn't
interrupt the operation of my program.
Also, are there any code examples that demonstrate SQLite best
practices, including how to correctly handle error conditions, such as
the database is locked condition? I have been unable to find complete
code examples.
If anyone is interested, my program is written in C running on SCO Open
Server 5.0.7.
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