I want to extend the field information of a field in a table,
e.g. I want to add a "description" to each field.

The only way that came up in my head was the following:

- create a "special" table, containing the additional field information:

create table _Field_Ex (
  Tabel       Text  Not Null,
  Field       Text  Not Null,
  Description Text )

- for visualizing the total information, the information of the pragma
table info

Pragma table_info ( <TableName> )

- and the records from the table _Field_Ex

select * from _Field_Ex
  where Tabel = <TableName>

- as I can't think of a way to combine these result in SQL
(e.g. the pragma statement doesn't generate a header, the select does)
I combine the results in python.

Now I wonder if this combine can also be done in pure SQL.

And are there other (better) ways to extend the metadata of fields ?

Stef Mientki
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