Dear List

I have been compiling my own SQLite version with support for diacritic
sorting and searching for the iPhone. This has worked well so far,
described here in a blog post:

Now when I compile and run this library on the iPad or iPad simulator,
my app crashes when preparing queries, giving the error "no such
table: <tablename>". It seems that the library only sees the "last"
table in the database, so if I change the order in which tables are
created, the app crashes at preparing the first statement that
requires any non-last created table. I can see however using sqlite3
from command line that these tables do exist in the database file.

As mentioned, the same code works on the iPhone/iPhone simulator and
the same code also works when linking against Apples libsqlite3
library instead of my own. It doesn't help to not use the unicode
extensions, so basically compiling amalgamation for the iPad
creates a non-functional library while it works for the iPhone.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on and how I might be
able to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

Pascal Pfiffner
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