Simon Slavin wrote: 

> BLOBs can handle any sequences of bytes without problems, 
> including nulls, ETX, and sequences which be illegal if they were used to 
> express Unicode characters.  You can put anything you like in a BLOB.  

I assume, due to the manifest typing semantics of the library, that 
the declared type of the column will make no difference when I bind a 
weird datum to a variable (as long as it's not an 'INTEGER PRIMARY KEY' 

Will sqlite3_bind_text work properly if the string contains (internal) 
nulls?  What if I did something like: 

char zText[100];
memset(zText, 0, sizeof(zText)); 
sqlite3_bind_text(stmt, idx, zText, sizeof(zText), SQLITE_TRANSIENT); 

According to a strict reading of the doc, sqlite will blindly copy
sizeof(zText) characters (starting from zText[0]) into the column.  
That is, this will store 100 null bytes into the column.  Is that 


Eric A. Smith

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