According to my math your final database size should be on the order of 100Meg?
That means at 200 minutes and 1,000,000 records:
83 inserts per second
8333 bytes per second
Both of these values are terrible.  
#1 What kind of network connection do you have?  100BaseT?
#2 What kind of server are you writing to?
#3 How fast does this run if you write to your local machine?
Michael D. Black
Senior Scientist
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems


From: on behalf of Werner Smit
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Subject: EXTERNAL:Re: [sqlite] Sqlite Insert Speed Optimization

>>On 14 Jul 2010, at 11:55am, Werner Smit wrote:

>> ps. When I started with sqlite it took 500 minutes to save the 1
>> records.
>> I've got it down to just less than 200 minutes with current settings.
>> Clarion does it in between 100 and 200 minutes.

>Do you have any indexes defined ?  It can be considerably faster to
DROP the indexes before importing all that >data, then remake them
afterwards.  Of course you may already be doing this.

Nope, no index only a primary key..
  (Pin          Integer
  ,IDNumber     Char(13)
  ,Name         VarChar(35)
  ,PayPeriod    Integer
  ,PaypointCode VarChar(6)
  ,RegionCode   VarChar(6)
  ,ProxyPin     Integer

The table I'm using for test purpose look like above.

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