In ".mode column", the function used to compute the length of the string to
print does not account for multi-byte characters, resulting in a shorter
string, and all remaining fields in the line shifted to the left.


sqlite> select * from test limit 3;
name        name2       name3       zipcode     city        address
----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------
Feuerwehrt  des Landkr  Soltau-Fal  29664       Walsrode
Leitstelle  Rettungsds   des Kreis  59555       Lippstadt   Geiststr.
Feuerwehr   der Freiwi  Schönböc  23556       Lübeck     Bernsteind

Two first lines are OK. On the third line, the two ö cause 23556 to be
shifted two chars left, then the ü causes an additional one char shift for

I noticed this bug while using version 3.6.22, and looking at the release
notes, I don't read about a fix for this issue in more recent versions.
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