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> On 12 Nov 2010, at 4:25pm, Dr. David Kirkby wrote:
>> I think in general mathematical software like Sage is very difficult to  
>> test.
> Yes, I read your response and agree with this.  But it's worth pointing  
> out that commercial maths applications like MatLab /do/ have testing  
> like that.  That's one of the reasons they're so expensive.  I'm sure  
> they don't test every possible value, but they are thorough and they are  
> run for every point version.

I think I know what you mean, and I have no wish to be snide hereby; yet  
resist the obvious, I cannot:

If considering the set of real numbers, wouldn’t testing “every possible  
value” require at least א -sub-1 tests?  With א -sub-1 tests betwixt each  
test?  Ad infinitum, literally?

Someone please answer this urgent question, as I am bad at math and I’d  
like to get to the bottom of it.

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