Hi everyone,

Since upgrading to Kubuntu 14.04 I've had an issue with Quassel irc
client being slow on startup when it retrieves backlog from database.
I've tracked it down to different sqlite version being installed.
Previously I had 3.7.17 and now have 3.8.2. I've tried various versions
from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/sqlite3/+builds and can
only pinpoint it to between 3.7.17 and because there doesn't
appear to be intermediate builds.

I don't know what exact queries Quassel runs but most likely (after
looking at some Quassel source on github) it's something like the
following for a single channel:
SELECT messageid, time, type, flags, sender, message
FROM backlog
JOIN sender ON backlog.senderid = sender.senderid
WHERE bufferid = 102
ORDER BY messageid DESC
LIMIT 100;

When I run this query on 3.7.17 it returns nearly instantly. When I do
it on or 3.8.6 which I also tried then it takes about 4 seconds
on my not so fast spinning drive laptop. I've posted example database
(minimized from original) at
https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bzx3gCDqfzVdcDNhdzlfVlh4ZTA/. Could
someone either confirm or prove false that this query has become slower
with newer versions?

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