When I use the SQLite Manager, I am able to run this query just fine:

    UPDATE EventNode
       SET IsActive = 1
     WHERE EventNodeId IN (SELECT w.EventNodeId
                             FROM EventNode as w, EventNode as m on
m.objectId = 'a09f0f8a-a37c-44c2-846f-16a59b1c34c1'
                             WHERE w.lft BETWEEN m.lft AND m.rgt )

But when I try to prepare the same statement to be used with my C++ code:

    const char * updateString =
        "UPDATE EventNode "
           "SET IsActive = @isActive "
         "WHERE EventNodeId IN (SELECT w.EventNodeId "
                                 "FROM EventNode AS w, EventNode AS m ON
m.objectId = @objectId "
                                "WHERE w.lft BETWEEN m.lft AND m.rgt)";

I get an error where sqlite3_errmsg() returns: no such table: EventNode

Now the code that is opening the DB is in a base class which is used other
places to access the EventNode table, so I am a bit mystified as to what
exactly is going on.  Any thoughts?

Pax vobiscum,
Sam Carleton
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