TEMP tables get created in database temp; which is located in "a file" or "in 
memory" depending on the SQLITE_TEMP_STORE preprocessor symbol and the pragma 

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An: General Discussion of SQLite Database
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On Mon, Oct 27, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Stephan Beal <sgb...@googlemail.com>

> - TEMP tables get created in the MAIN db (assuming my memory of the
> docs is correct), which means we can (though accidental misuse or
> carelessness) end up filling up RAM with temporary tables (which we
> use regularly to process large data amounts). This is my biggest concern with 
> this approach.

In fact, it seems impossible to use any db _except_ the main one for temp

sqlite> .databases
seq  name             file
---  ---------------
0    main             /home/portal/tmp/bar.db
2    foo              /home/portal/tmp/foo.db
sqlite> create temp table foo.baz(z);
Error: temporary table name must be unqualified

Which rules out use of a :memory: db has the local "main" - we make use of temp 
tables with arbitrarily large data sets.

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