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[...] but searches based on ROWID are atrociously slow and hog massive
amounts of memory [...]

Looks like range constraints on rowids were only taken into account when
there was also a MATCH term in the WHERE clause. Now fixed here:


The fix should be in 3.8.9.

Just curious Dan. The tests added do not seem to check the query plans
despite the report being about a performance issue. I only skimmed them,
and I'm unfamiliar with TCL and the exact specifics of SQLite testing, so I
could well have missed them, but I do recall seen other perf tests checking
execution plans, in addition to checking correctness. Did I miss them?

Fair point. It would be better if there were tests to show that the queries were being correctly optimized.

But the change was fairly trivial, and I didn't think there was much chance that it would fail to optimize the queries correctly. Also, it's a pretty obscure optimization (one complaint in how many years?), so I figured it wasn't all that important. Finally it's fiddly to test in this case, as the EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN (or even EXPLAIN) output is not sufficient to figure out if it's working properly or not. So I just checked by hand that the optimization is working.

On the other hand, that the change could contain some bug related to integer overflow or some other boundary condition is a real risk. So the tests focus on that.


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