It turned out there were a few important bugs in 3.5.0, so now there's
a v3.5.1 with fixes for them.

Hope that's useful to people. :)

+ Justin

On 2015-01-31 18:46, wrote:
Hi all,

We've just released v3.5.0 of DB Browser for SQLite:

This release has a fair amount of bug fixes (eg in CVS import), plus
several usability tweaks, and now supports Simplified Chinese.

This is the first release to support encrypted databases too, via
SQLCipher.  Only available in the non-Windows builds for now (eg
OSX, Linux, etc).

Windows and MacOS X binaries are available from the above URL.

Linux, FreeBSD, OS/2 users will need to compile it themselves (pretty
easy) for now, until ports/packages/etc become available.

Hope that's helpful for people. :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift
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