> Keith:
> The documentation for sqlite3_last_insert_rowid clearly states that it 
> returns the rowid last inserted on the connection, as does the documentation 
> for sqlite3_changes.  While I agree that it may very well be possible to 
> maintain the data by statement, that is not what the current functions as 
> documented do.
> Perhaps you can/might want to request an enhancement?

Exactly.  Which brings us to my very initial post:

> Why isn't there some:
>       sqlite3_int64 sqlite3_stmt_last_insert_rowid(sqlite3_stmt*);
>       int sqlite3_stmt_changes(sqlite3_stmt*);
> in addition to these:
>       sqlite3_int64 sqlite3_last_insert_rowid(sqlite3*);
>       int sqlite3_changes(sqlite3*);

I was asking for experience from SQLite users, before making it a feature 
I surely wouldn't expect the current functions (taking sqlite3*) to return 
anything else than information maintained by connection. But I would have 
valuable usage of the same functions (taking sqlite3_stmt*), returning such 
information maintained by statement.

I'll check what are the proper way to draw a documented request for enhancement 
for SQLite. We will anyway surely buy some yearly technical support, or at the 
very least maintenance subscription, which I guess will streamline the 
introduction of enhancement requests.

Meilleures salutations, Met vriendelijke groeten, Best Regards,
Olivier Mascia, integral.be/om

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