Hi all,

I'm working with FTS5 and I'd like to guarantee that a particular document is
indexed only once. I have what I consider to be a document id, but it is not an
integer value its a hexadecimal string, think GUID/md5/sha1. Since the fts5
rowid column is an integer, it appears I'll need to create a mapping from my
document id to an fts5 rowid.

I'm thinking the best method for me to resolve this would to just use an
external content table with triggers to update FTS5 table. Pretty much exactly
like https://sqlite.org/fts5.html#section_4_4_2 and use triggers to keep the
FTS5 table in sync with the external content table.

If I'm going to have to use an external table to create a rowid for the
fts5 table, I might as well use use the external content table.

Any additional thoughts on this from the more knowledgeable?




Jeremy Hinegarnder
Copious Free Time, LLC

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