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>There's a story behind this.
>During the review leading to HTML5 the web consortium (the one which decides 
>which features should be introduced to HTML/CSS/JavaScript) listed a 
>'webdatabase' specification so that browsers could maintain data in a 
>database-like structure.  The specification boiled down to "Implement a simple 
>SQL engine with an API like [this].".
>Unfortunately all the leading browser publishers implemented this happily and 
>quickly.  "Unfortunately" because they all did it by including SQLite in their 
>project.  This is a problem because the only way to ensure compatibility in 
>that case is for the web consortium to include the full specification of 
>SQLite inside the specification for a compatible web browser.  Otherwise 
>people would start doing things like calling PRAGMA commands from web pages, 
>and then an unofficial standard would evolve which required PRAGMA commands to 
>be supported from the web API.
>So they did.  And it failed.  And that's where we are today.


You are right, and I realized that before. By the way the "storage" issue from 
JavaScript has been my nightmare in the recent past.

I believe that it's a nonsense that the standard suppose a limitation in the 
field. Although it seem that the Standard work like the lawyers who usually go 
behind the real life. But that reminds me the adoption of the C++ STL whos 
first incarnation was -I think remember- in a unique piece from HP and nobody 
put objections.

Any way in the real life we need it desperately IMHO.


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