I have a need for something that can parse and load into sqlite tables
fixed length data. I know sqlite has a csv import, so I would like to
duplicate that kind of functionality handling fixed columnar data. I
thought an extension would be perfect so I could specify something as
simple as "sqlite3 -fx parameter.dat" on the command line and it would
import the data.

Has anyone written a data loading extension already that would be willing
to share the source code with me? I have not written an sqlite extension
before, I know C# not C/C++, and leveraging someone else's effort would
help me a lot in learning the language and the extension. I've already
written this type of sqlite data loading logic into a specific application
using C#, but I would like it to create something more generic and
generally usable by anyone.

I've seen a lot of traffic on the mailing list about sqlite's csv import
abilities and wondered if someone has improved them with their own
extension. (I guess this begets the question..."Is sqlite's csv import an

All the applications I have had experience with in the past (Sqlite Expert,
Navicat, and some others) require the user to run an application and setup
the functionality each and every time you used it. They do not give the
ability to save the import setup into a meaningful parameters file that can
be edited an rerun from the command line. So these types of applications
are ruled out. I would think I could do this in some fashion with
Informatica or like professional product, but at the expense of $$$ and
more $$$$$.

Any observations, comment, or suggestions? Is there a different mail list I
should hit up?

Thanks for your time and consideration

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