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> sqlite doesn't use these "auxiliary threads" that sqlite docs talks about and 
> the runtime of that query is the same with or without "pragma threads = 4".

I cannot solve your problem, but this information may help the person who does.

Which OS (include rough version number) are you running ?

What does "PRAGMA compile_options" say about THREADSAFE ?

Let's suppose that SQLite does actually launch those threads but they make no 
change in the time the command takes for some reason.  Does your OS have a 
process tracker which can show you how many threads are in use ?  For instance, 
in macOS I'd look at the "Activity Monitor.app" main window.  In Windows I'd 
use Task Manager, select the process and click "Properties".  You may have to 
increase the table size to make it take long enough to monitor.

I'm just looking for some confirmation apart from the time taken.

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