Your best work-around is to fix your schema.  Do *not* say


That is redundant.  PRIMARY KEYs are always UNIQUE.  Just say PRIMARY
KEY and omit the UNIQUE.

Of course, SQLite should be able to deal with this redundancy without
a dramatic slowdown.  That problem will be fixed in the 3.15.0
release.  We will also add test cases to try to prevent a recurrence
of this or similar problems.

But in the meantime, just remove the UNIQUE from all your PRIMARY KEYs
and your performance issues should go away.  For all versions of

On 9/16/16, Richard Hipp <> wrote:
> On 9/16/16, Takasumi Iwamoto <> wrote:
>> Hello SQLite devs,
>> We've found a hung-up issue in the current sqlite3.
>> Could you please read the below issue report?
> Thanks for the bug report.  The ticket for this problem is here:
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> D. Richard Hipp

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