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A counter-opinion, though apparently in the small minority: i _absolutely
despise_ fixed-width web site layouts.
Just to clarify, this is not fixed width, but limited max width, ie. it
only kicks in when the browser window is very large. The site is fluid
(like now) at smaller widths.

And i mis-typed :/. i _despise_ both fixed widths and designer-specified
maximum widths ;). No designer on this planet knows what my screen
resolution/viewing preferences are and has no business assuming they do.
It's likely that assumption about my preferences/limits which annoys me
more than the limitation itself does.

This article makes some sweeping generalizations, but fundamentally, reading speed is greatly affected by how much content is in your field of vision:

That said, it's probably a pretty simple piece of Javascript to allow font size changes and text reflow/ max width on a web page.

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