I am a little bit confused about the sqlite db version numbers.

1. On Windows 7 I have created a new db with command
    sqlite3.exe test.db3
    The sqlite3.exe is from date 2013-05-20 and the version number shows 3.7.17

2. Same computer but now I create a db with sqlite3.exe from 2016-09-12
     sqlite3.exe test1.db3
     The version number now shows 3.14.2

3. I open both db (test.db3 and test1.db3) with sqlitestudio 3.0.6 and do a:
    Select sqlite_version(),
    Now for both dbs the version number shows 3.8.10

So from what depends the version number? From the tool or program
which opens the db?

If I create a new db like in step 2 where I have version 3.14.2 and I
open it with an old
tool or program, then I cannot use the newer functions and fixes of
the new version?

Can someone please give me a little bit clearness?
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