> On Oct 15, 2016, at 11:10 AM, Clemens Ladisch <clem...@ladisch.de> wrote:
> In practice, this does not matter unless you have large strings/blobs
> that must be read from overflow pages.

I do, actually, which is why I asked. One of the columns is a blob holding a 
JSON document that can be arbitrarily large. It sounds like including this 
column in the SELECT clause will cause the entire blob to be read from disk? I 
definitely don’t want that.

What if I’ve enabled memory-mapping? In that case will the register merely 
point to where the blob data is mapped into memory, without incurring any I/O 
until I access that memory? (Maybe that’s naïve; I know SQLite isn’t LMDB. I 
don’t have any insight into how it makes use of memory mapping.)

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