> On Oct 15, 2016, at 11:38 AM, Luca Olivetti <l...@wetron.es> wrote:
> I'm aware of the limitation but for my application[*] it is perfectly fine, 
> maybe it is also ok for the OP, maybe it isn't.

OK, but if you’re proposing a solution that you know has major limitations, I 
think it’s a good idea to disclose them, since the person taking the advice 
might not be aware of them. (I’ve been burned by this in the past.)

> [*] I have to insert records in the given order but the user may occasionally 
> rearrange them.

What happens if the user makes a series of rearrangements that triggers a 
collision? It’s not that far fetched; all I have to do is, one at a time, drag 
ten records to right after one particular record. This is the kind of thing a 
good [read: malicious] tester will quickly figure out :)

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