no, they don't, which is why I included "possible". It is probably not seen 

We are using SQLite's virtual table feature to implement a query front end for 
several diverse data storage methods in an OLTP application, with the two 
writeable stores being memory sections and CTree files. Both do their own table 
level locking, and SQLite's additional database level locking was creating 
concurrency issues between otherwise unrelated (trans)actions (e.g. creating a 
new virtual table via a housekeeping job would block OLTP). This was resolved 
by suppressing OP_Transaction for virtual tables. OP_Transaction is only 
generated for statements that involve native tables.


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On 10/14/2016 04:59 PM, Hick Gunter wrote:
> In the vdbeaux.c source, the function
> resolveP2Values(...)
> is not resetting p->readOnly when it encounters an OP_VUpdate opcode
> is not setting p->bIsReader when it encounters an OP_VFilter opcode
> Additionally, the frunction
> sqlite3VdbeHalt(...)
> is only checking p->bIsReader and omitting to check p->readOnly
> even though the comment claims to check "if the program never started or if 
> the SQL Statement does not read or write a database file".
> These omissions conspire to make SQLite refrain from calling the xSync and 
> xCommit entrypoints of the virtual table named in an UPDATE, DELETE or INSERT 
> statement.

Do you have a test case for this?

Trying to reproduce here, all VM programs for UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT also contain 
OP_Transaction opcodes. Which cause Vdbe.bIsReader to be set and so the 
xSync/xCommit methods are called. Do the VM programs (EXPLAIN
output) for whatever statements you're testing with contain the OP_Transaction?


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