On 10/17/2016 9:54 AM, Daniel Polski wrote:
Let's say I have a table like this:

    id                INT,
    unit                INT,
    bit_position    INT,
    val                BOOL

INSERT INTO table1 VALUES(1,1, 0, 1);
INSERT INTO table1 VALUES(2,1, 1, 1);
INSERT INTO table1 VALUES(3,1, 4, 1);
INSERT INTO table1 VALUES(4,1, 7, 1);

INSERT INTO table1 VALUES(5,2, 0, 1);

The "bit_position" represent individual bits in bytes, and "val"
represent if the bit should be set or clear (unit 1= 0b10010011, unit
2=0xb00000001 for the data in the above table).

How can I get the byte data in a single select instead of parsing
through the individual bits one by one?

select unit, sum(1 << bit_position) from table1 where val group by unit;

Igor Tandetnik

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